When is the Herts Book Festival?

The herts book festival is a two day event taking place on Saturday 7th May 2022 and Sunday 8th may 2022.

Where are Herts Book Festival events?

We are currently negotiating access to Hertford Castle grounds and the Ware Priory. More information on this soon.

Is there car parking on site?

No, but parking is available throughout the Town – a mixture of limited on street free parking and municipal car parks.

Are there public transport links?

Yes, Hertford East and Hertford North Railway Station are on the main lines for services from London and within walking distance to the centre of town. Ware Railway Station is also on the main lines for services from London and within walking distance. 

Regular bus and train services run between Hertford and Ware as well.

Are dogs allowed on site?

Yes dogs are allowed as long as they are kept on a lead.

Can I bring my own food and drink?

You may bring a limited amount of food and non-alcoholic drink but not in venues where food and drinks are being sold.

Can I bring my own alcohol?

You are not permitted to bring alcohol onto the sites. This is a condition of our licence.

What about Covid?

The event will be managed in line with the current guidance at the time of the event from the UK Government. 

Start and Closure times 

9:00 – 17:00 on both days.